Episode 6: A storm rises

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This transcript is colour coded for ease of use. Please download the PDF.

Tobe as played by Liz

Myx as played by Nina

Doomsinger as played by Thomas (Guest)

Erbak as played by Tom

Mhurren as played by Vinny

Narrator/Scraw/GM/Everything else as played by Ray

Ray/GM: Hello listeners, and welcome to “Tails From the Dark Dragons Inn” episode six, “A Storm Rises.”

Before we get started today, I just want to give a quick thank you to some of our dedicated supporters. DicePaperRoll, thank you. Myzrable_G on twitter, thank you! BunnyBoops, an amazing artist and friend, thank you. Tahina Andale , thank you for your continuing and ongoing support, seeing you in our notifications has been great fun. Rob of LoreMasters on iTunes, thank you! I look forward to listening more as your show develops.

This week, we’re a man down. We have Liz playing, Tobe the tiefling warlock of the Raven Queen, Vinny, playing Mhurren the half-orc monk, Nina playing Myx, the aasimar warlock of the fey, and me, Ray, your host and game master. And I play, well, just about everyone else.

Usher: Hey, come on in! You were lucky to get tickets tonight! I hear it’s going to be a big one; this place is packed! Oh, oh, oh! Shh, shh, shh. Quick, take a seat. Looks like The Doomsinger’s ready.

Doomsinger: Good patrons. Welcome and thank you. Your continued appearance for my humble recounting of these fanciful memories does not go unappreciated. However, I must warn you, those who are faint of heart may wish to excuse themselves before we get started this evening. I ask those with children in the audience to please try to remain calm, for it was on this very night all those many years ago when the legend of the Scales of Justice truly began in Greeest’s darkest hour.

GM: Mhurren and Doomsinger are outside of the room. You guys are in conversation.

Mhurren: Well, I guess we’ll probably be speaking about our next plan of action.

Doomsinger: “We have been in town a rather long time, do you think we’re getting paid for this?”

Mhurren: “I think so.”

GM: So you guys are having this conversation and the Doomsinger’s trying to pry out of you the reason why you left the room, because..

Doomsinger: “You’re a religious sort. Why are you uncomfortable? I’ve never known you to turn down a challenge. Is it because she’s not a priest of your dragon beast?”

Mhurren: “Well, I’m not one to back down from a challenge, to say the least, but..I feel…I don’t know what I feel right now.”

GM: It’s difficult to explain to him– You’re trying to rationalize it, but you’re struggling to rationalize it to yourself.

Mhurren: “I suppose just being cautious.”

Doomsinger: “Well, I suppose as long as you’re not too cautious between me and whatever’s in front of me. It’s not too much of a problem as far as I’m concerned.”

GM: You guys are having this conversation. In the meantime, the rest of you are healing up in the private room with Ayden, who is still in quiet prayer. Myx, you notice the doctor who, up until now has been chatting away about how ‘Oh, I don’t believe in any of this nonsense and it’s totally fine, I’m not going to turn away healing and I just think the gods are’ and he’s gotten increasingly quiet. You notice as you’re feeling rather comfortable yourself, the doctor appears to have nodded off and he’s slowly slipping into the chair that he’s sat down on. He’s standing there with his arms crossed and he’s eventually sort of just slowly curled over into a chair. He’s just, ‘I’ll just sit here and watch this’.

Myx: I am giggling and watching him kind of slump.

GM: He slowly just puddles. You see a little bit of like, there’s a drool as he is curled up asleep.

Myx: I think it’s hilarious.

GM: And you’re all feeling very relaxed and warm and cuddly. Mhurren, you’re outside the room with Doomsinger. You notice that the guards by the door are looking at each other really nervously and they’re having sort of a hushed conversation between them. You start to hear in the distance sounds of alarm, shouts of something that you can’t quite make it out. It’s too distant. However, before long, all of you are snapped out of your snuggly by a clamorous ringing of a bell. As the bell, which is in the keep, that has ceased to be ringing suddenly starts ringing with a great fury.

Mhurren, you start to see the townsfolk in the room start looking around alarmed and the guards are trying to keep them calm and move them into the various rooms. You see a few of the guards that rush out into the corridors and out of the room that you’re in. Doomsinger looks over again and says..

Doomsinger: “What do you think that’s about?”

Mhurren: “Guess I’ll go find out.” Can I approach one of the guards?

GM: He is a short, scruffy-looking dragonborn and he turns and goes..

Guard: [breathing heavily] “What can I do for you? Is it urgent?”

Mhurren: “Say sir. What’s all the- What’s all the fuss?”

Guard: “The attack appears to be escalating. [stammering] I’m not sure. I’ve been in here all evening, but–”

GM: And then you hear.. [wings beating] a loud buffeting of wind as the windows of the building that you’re standing in begin to shake. You see the ceiling above you.. Just little bits of dirt and stone tremble. It’s increasingly loud, almost drum-beat like sound. You guys in the comfort of the prayer room have been hearing this bell and obviously you’re rather rudely awakened and snapped out of this. As you begin to feel the building yourselves begin to tremble and all at once the silence is broken. [Extremely loud dragon roar]

Myx: I violently shoot up. “What was that?”

GM: You also hear that, Mhurren. A great roar bursts through like a crack of thunder.

Mhurren: I shoot my eyes over at Doomsinger.

GM: Doomsinger shrugs.

Mhurren: I turn back to the guard.

GM: He is wide-eyed and looking panicked and he’s looking around to someone else for direction.

Mhurren: “Guard. Where’s the captain?”

Guard: “Out-out there, I think.”

GM: In the distance, you hear..

Distant Voices: “Man the barracks, grab the-”

GM: You do hear the voice of the captain screaming orders at people from the courtyard.

Tobe: I get up and I shoot a glance at Myx before leaving the room very fast.

GM: You feel waves of terror emanating from Oz.

Tobe: Yeah, I’ve gone from relaxed to maximum anxiety. So, I leave the room and I want to look for the best vantage point that I can get to see what’s going on around the keep.

GM: You look around, but it looks like — I mean this is area is quite densely packed with townsfolk. People are starting to panic now. They’ve obviously also heard this roar and people are sort of fluttering around, the guards are trying to keep people calm but also themselves look really panicked. You see them holding on to their kids, trying to tell them things will be okay. There’s just a clusterfuck going on in here. From inside, you get the sense you’re not going to get a good idea of what’s going on outside at this point. Myx! What is Myx doing as she sees Tobe charge out of the room?

Myx: I want to know what’s up and follow after Tobe because Tobe looks very intense and things sound scary and I want to know what’s going on. So yeah, I follow him.

GM: The doctor in his chair, you hear as you leave the room.. {sleep grumbling}. He just turns over in his chair.

Myx: I’m gonna run back to him first and not slap him, but maybe slap him. Get him to wake up.

GM: You try and smack him and you’re not really willing to hurt him so you swat at him and his hand just sort of reflexively flips up by his face and {more grumbling}.

Myx: What if I pull the chair out from underneath him? {groan} I’m gonna go after Tobe. The doctor will figure it out.

GM: Zilpip follows after and is like–

Zilpip: “Mm! This should be interesting. What’s all the fuss then?”

GM: Mhurren, you are by the door to the tower as you see the others start rushing out of the room. The Doomsinger turns and looks and goes..

Doomsinger: “I suppose we’re going to investigate, then?”

Mhurren: “Yes. I think we should and assist the captain.”

GM: Scraw also follows out.

Mhurren: “Doomsinger! On me.”

GM: Doomsinger saunters after everyone. He will rush for no man.


Mhurren: Not even a dragon.

GM: You guys rush out of the building, rush down the stairs out of the corridor and try and navigate between guards. And one of the guards tries to stop you, then realizes who you are and gestures at the door.

Guard: “The captain’s over there!”

GM: Edric, trailing behind the Doomsinger, you see he’s holding on to his little sword and he’s looking really concerned like he doesn’t wanna go out there, but he’s gotta follow the Doomsinger. So, he’s reluctantly tailing you guys. And you guys make your way out into the courtyard.

Myx: Whoa, that’s a lot of fucking tokens. Oh my god.

Tobe: It’s not that many.. Okay, yeah it’s kind of a lot.

Myx: Wait until you guys zoom out.

Mhurren: Holy shit. Okay, I zoomed out.

Tobe: {Shocked} Oh my god! Ohhh fuck.

Myx: {Laughing turns to feigned sobs} I don’t think I see this but..

GM: As you guys rush out into the courtyard, a great shadow passes over you all and you look up at what appears to be a large adult blue dragon.

Tobe: {Nervously} Oh no, we’re dead.

GM: As it lets rip another furious roar and a noise like thunder cracks the sky as it lets a pure force of lightning forth. And it sweeps down over the keep. Lightning leaps forth from its mouth and it takes out just a swathe of the guards that are on the rounds. These guys are fucking crumpled. They don’t even have time to scream, they just {sound effect} explode into ash as the lightning crashes through them. The captain in the middle of the courtyard is pointing wildly and giving orders. He’s like

Captain: {yelling} “Man the ballista! Take that thing down! Protect the townspeople! You there! Get those civilians out of here!”

GM: The guards grab these people..

Guards: “Come on, come on, into the keep!”

Tobe: I am going to dismiss Oz, because I need a clear head and I can’t have my head full of raven-fueled anxiety.

GM: Panicked bird. That’s fair.

Myx: I kind of like fall down on my butt because I can’t believe what’s happening and is mildly terrified.

Mhurren: Do I see Escobar?

GM: He is the dwarven captain and he is in the middle of the courtyard and he is screaming orders at his troops. He’s telling them to get up to the ramparts, get up to the ballista. He’s doing what he can to keep people organized, but still keep them in position and in defense of the keep because he knows right now his number one priority is making sure that whatever happens, as many people as possible live.

Mhurren: Yeah. Okay, I’ll rush over to him.

GM: Scraw is looking up. Tobe, you notice that Scraw’s face is lit up– He looks like the most excited child at Christmas you’ve ever seen.

Scraw: [excitedly] “Oh! What a mighty foe!”

GM: He starts charging towards the ramparts.

Myx: Scraw is canonically Goku.

Tobe: I am gonna follow behind him, but mostly because I want to get up to get a better view of what else is going on. I don’t believe the dragon is the only thing that we need to be worried about. Although it is a major fucking concern.

GM: Myx, you’re sitting on your butt. Tobe goes rushing off after Scraw.

Myx: I think they’re crazy, but I don’t..

GM: Zilpip’s like..

Zilpip: “Mm, very unusual. I bet the doctor’d like those teeth.”

Myx: “I bet he would.” I reluctantly get up, brush myself off and rush after Tobe, who’s gone after Scraw, because though I’m terrified..

GM: The Doomsinger starts pursuing Mhurren.

Myx: ..she doesn’t want to leave her friend and also she’s concerned Scraw’s gonna get himself killed.

Tobe: And possibly me killed as well. [laughing]

Myx: Yeah, so, somebody’s gotta look after them.

GM: So you guys have started dividing up. Mhurren, you rushed over to Escobar..

Mhurren: “Captain! How can we assist?”

Escobar: “There are ballista! Large ballista! On the ramparts. You can use those to defend…”

GM: As he’s saying this, the dragon launches itself in another massive swoop. It dives at the walls at the front of the castle. It slams both of its front feet into the wall and stops at an abrupt halt as it sort of swings forwards and collides with its feet into the walls. And you see the whole thing shake violently. It rears up and slashes with one claw, taking out the bulk of the guards that were standing in front of it as well as two of the ballista on the ramparts. And as it does so, it once again lets out an almighty roar.

Tobe, you are afraid. You do not progress further towards the dragon. You see Zilpip freeze on the spot. The Doomsinger continues to saunter towards Mhurren.


Tobe: Of course he does.

Mhurren: He’s fearless.

Tobe: Urgency, what the hell is that?

GM: You are terrified, Tobe. I don’t know if you’ll start running. You, at the very least, freeze.

Tobe: Yeah, I just stop dead.

GM: Myx, you look up and see this dragon smashing and obliterating people and you turn and you’re looking around, you’re seeing your friends part. You see Mhurren grab at his head, scream out in pain.

Mhurren: {pained grunts and scream}

GM: Mhurren falls to his knees and he’s clutching his head and screaming out. Doomsinger’s looking at him, sort of gets closer and says

Doomsinger: “Enough of that Priest, snap out of it!”

GM: Mhurren continues to scream and you see Doomsinger look at him in the face and you actually see the Doomsinger go from aloof and ‘Oh, priest snap out of it, pull yourself together man!’ to looking really concerned. And he gets close and goes..

Doomsinger: [quietly] “Mhurren?”

GM: And it’s the only time you see the Doomsinger show actual concern for anyone or anything. He looks up and he turns to the captain and says

Doomsinger: “Do something about this! Get a medic or something!”

GM: And then he looks down at Mhurren again, looks up at the dragon and goes..

Doomsinger: “What did you do?!”

GM: And he starts casting firebolt after firebolt after firebolt as he starts charging towards the walls, hitting the dragon at a distance as hard as he can.

Mhurren, as you look up into the eyes of the dragon before you. Things darken and dim. It’s like you’re blinking, but in slow motion. When your vision clarifies, you still see the eyes of the dragon above you and for a moment it’s like you’re looking up at Bahamut themselves. You shift uncomfortable beneath their gaze as the snowfall continues.

The hazardous stone peaks above you are both alien and cold, but somehow deeply familiar. You look at the dragon again, unable to break their gaze as some part of you realizes distantly.. This doesn’t just seem like Bahamut. This is Bahamut. They beat their magnificent platinum wings once.. Twice. Their almighty bulk alights gracefully in front of you. As they look down at you with an unexpected sadness, you feel a sense of deep shame and regret as they speak a single word.

Bahamut: “Arendelonthos”

GM: Your vision darkens. You open your eyes again once more. And you look around the keep with a slightly clearer vision than you had before. And as you look up, you blink, look around you, you see the Doomsinger is charging towards the gate, which the dragon has mounted, and he is firing firebolt after firebolt after firebolt up at this dragon. Just whack, whack! With a fury that you haven’t previously seen in him.

You feel like you recall something about this dragon, for reasons that you are not able to fathom, you know that this dragon is named Lennithon and that although it is a Chromatic rather than a Metallic dragon, and though Metallic dragons are usually good and pure, and Chromatic dragons are often evil and twisted..

This dragon is not normally hostile towards the lawful races and in fact, in the past has worked with them. This seems uncharacteristic and it occurs to you that there’s a chance this creature can be reasoned with. Possibly. Myx!

Myx: I react to Mhurren’s screaming and rush over and try and hold him, try and ground him somehow?

GM: So you just rush over and by the time you get him, he’s on his knees but he seems fine. He’s quiet and he’s looks like he’s looking at this dragon and he’s thinking.. Just in general.

Myx: {skeptical} “Mhurren? What’s going on? Are you okay?”

Mhurren: “I’m fine. I think.. This dragon can be reasoned with.”

Myx: {baffled}“What?”

Mhurren: “Just.. trust me.”

Myx: “What should we do? [stammering] How do we reason with a gigantic lightning dragon?”

Mhurren: “I haven’t the faintest idea.”

Myx: I’m facepalming.

Mhurren: Doomsinger’s still like attacking it?

GM: Yeah, yeah, absolutely. He’s not aware of the fact that you seem fine. He’s just blasting the dragon with firebolts. He’s singing a song of like battle and glory as he’s firing. It’s an ancient hymn. The words to the song that Doomsinger is bellowing don’t make any sense to any of you. But they sound very musical and very melancholy.

Myx: [laughing] Is he singing K-pop?

GM: He is not singing in a language that any of you understand. It sounds almost ethereal, but it’s violent and charged with energy as he just continuously casts these firebolts. The guards on the ramparts where the dragon is have scattered. They are doing their best to get onto the ballistas. For the most part, they’re trying to stay the fuck out of the way of this dragon, which has proven repeatedly that it is capable of destroying people without a second thought.

Scraw continues slower and you see him bringing out his halberd. Slowly pacing towards this creature, you can see the wheels turning in his head as he’s trying to work out how to tackle this mighty beast.

Myx: If Myx screams out to Doomsinger and Scraw, could they hear her with all the commotion happening? Yeah, I want to try to get their attention to come back to where Mhurren and I am.

GM: No, I don’t think either of them pay any attention to you at all.

Myx: Jerks.

Mhurren: Where is Doomsinger?

GM: Zilpip sort of wanders over, Mhurren.

Zilpip: “I’ve got something that’ll fix what ails you.”

Myx: Oh god.

GM: Doomsinger is standing beneath the gate going.. {screaming} except singing glorious battle melodies.

Mhurren: Can I just run to Doomsinger and kind of tackle him from behind? Just to get him to stop?

GM: Go ahead and roll an athletics check.

Mhurren: Oh, before I run off, I just say to Zilpip, “Don’t. Do. Anything. Yet.” and I run off.

Zilpip: “That doesn’t seem suspicious at all!”

Myx: While Mhurren’s doing that, can I run after Scraw?

GM: Mhurren, yeah, he is not resisting in any way. You sort of pull yourself up off the ground and run over and try to tackle him. It doesn’t knock him down, but you manage to restrain his arms long enough. He looks up and goes..

Doomsinger: “Ah! Priest. {Nonchalantly} I knew you were fine. Why…Why are you stopping me from attacking…”

Mhurren: “Doomsinger, hold your attacks.”

Doomsinger: “..this beast, it’s destroying-”

GM: And this dragon is still attacking, it’s still smashing itself into the walls and slamming its claws down and biting at anything that comes close to it.

Doomsinger: “I thought you wanted to help these people? And now you’re stopping me? Are you mad?”

Mhurren: “I.. I can’t explain it, Doomsinger, but I believe this creature can be reasoned with.”

GM: He looks at you like you’re crazy

Mhurren: “There may be an alternative. A more peaceful resolve.”

Doomsinger: “I do hope you know I have none of my bardic abilities.. I can’t help you. And also I don’t speak with bloody dragons!”

Mhurren: If you can avoid it.

GM: Myx, you rush up and you go up the stairs. As you get there, you see Scraw is holding his glaive out in front of him and he’s getting into a crouched pose as he’s stalking forwards towards this dragon.

Tobe: I come to my senses as I see Myx run past me and follow after her.

Myx: I am going to try and tackle Scraw down. [laughing]

GM: You’re going to try and physically restrain Scraw.

Myx: No, no, no. Not restrain him Just tackle him.

Tobe: That’s going to be interesting.

GM: That’s athletics.

Myx: Athletics, alright. I can do this.

GM: It is contested, by the way, because Scraw is ready to throw down.

Tobe: I can’t wait.

GM: It is contested. And Scraw is rolling with advantage because he is raging.

Myx: Oh, fuck.

Tobe: He is raging and big.

GM: What your bonus, because he rolled a natural twenty.


Myx: What the fuck, man? Can I insight check the DM?

[more laughing]

Tobe: What I’m kind of imagining at the moment is like Myx running up and bouncing off him.

GM: Scraw.. You rush over and you jump on Scraw’s back. Because he’s crouched, it’s not hard, and he just stalks forward with you on his back, totally and utterly focused on the joy of battle. But you are grappling him, I guess.

Myx: Can I, like, whisper into his ear? “Scraw, stop. I am the voice of reason. Stop.”

GM: You manage to break through to him, and he turns to look and you see him visibly relax.

Scraw: {sigh} “I feel really tired.”

Myx: “Hi, Scraw. You can’t fight the dragon.”

Scraw: “What? {mournfully} Why, why?”

Myx: “I know, I know. I’m sorry. I don’t want to be the one to tell you this..”

Scraw: [whining] “He’s killing people!”

Myx: “I know, and we will stop him, but..”

Scraw: “That’s terrible!”

Myx: “It is!”

Tobe: [laughing] So what’s happened is, he’s gone from like–

Scraw: “Did you see? He vaporized those men!”

Myx: “I know!”

Scraw: {Imploringly} “They probably had families and children! You expect me to just stand here like this?!”

Myx: I just like take my hand and puts it over his mouth. “Just hear me out, Mhurren thinks it’s possible we can reason with the dragon and stop what’s–”

Scraw: “Why would we reason with such a beast?!”

Tobe: {laughing}

Myx: {sighing}

Scraw: “It’s murdering people, for God’s sakes!”

Myx: “And we can’t murder it! We don’t have the strength or the numbers or the might–”

Scraw: “Says you!”

Myx: “–of a dragon!”

GM: He puffs his chest up.

Scraw: {angrily} “How dare you! I thought we were friends!”

Myx: “You are a baby dragon.”

Scraw: “Tobe, back me up, here!”

Tobe: I’m just like, “I agree, the dragon is a huge problem, but if there is a way we can deal with it and not die.. ?”

GM: This entire time, this dragon is just like smashing the shit out of the wall behind Scraw, by like 40-60 feet and just repeatedly [dragon roar] and you’re trying to reason now that he’s not worth killing.


Tobe: I’m just imagining it now as I’m trying to have this conversation, a piece of debris just flies overhead as I’m trying to say this.

GM: Good idea! Dex save!

Myx: Oh come on!

Tobe: Damn it! Death by me having an idea the DM likes.

GM: Nah, you’re fine. You’re like ‘No, no, the dragon’s a big problem-’ duck. ‘-but we’re gonna sort it, it’s gonna be fine.’

Tobe: “Look, we can try Mhurren’s idea and if that doesn’t work, then we can all die in glorious battle against a dragon!”

Scraw: “You’re all against me. This is the worst.”

GM: And he just drops off down the stairs, he turns to the guards behind him;

Scraw: “Sorry, we’re leaving you to your death! Enjoy what remains of your life.”

Myx: And just for the record, I am still on his back, sort of like piggy-backing at this point. I’m like talking directly into his ear.

Tobe: I’m just watching this. This is bizarre. And I’m just following them. Scraw’s gone from like the happiest child at Christmas to the child that got coal at Christmas.

GM: He went from the kid who was given a PS4 box and opened it to find a box inside and opened that to find another box inside and he kept going until it was like a pair of gloves his grandma gave him. ‘The best of both. Sure. Yeah, yeah, right, thanks grandma.’

Myx: “I’ll make it up to you somehow another time, maybe.”

GM: And then the next day he walked in on his grandma playing the PS4..


GM: ..and he went to complain to his parents and caught them having sex. That’s Scraw right now.

Myx: That’s intense man. Poor Scraw.

Tobe: Yeah, I feel bad that I talked him out of this.

GM: Mhurren, at this point, you’re restraining the Doomsinger.

Doomsinger: “Okay, okay, we’ll do it your way, but you’re a mad man.”

GM: As you turn around, you see Scraw storming towards you with this look of fury in his eyes.

Scraw: {angrily} “What did you do?!”

Tobe: I am, like, walking beside him. “This is weird.”

Mhurren: I put my hand up. “Scraw.. Hold.”

Myx: I’m waving at Mhurren, “Got him!”

Scraw: {angrily} “Whatever you’re going to do, do it quickly. We can’t sacrifice more lives for the sake of whatever this is.”

Mhurren: I am going to go up on to the rampart here. Don’t wanna get too close.

GM: Scraw does not let you go on your own. He’s like, “Nah, fuck this, fam.” He just follows you. If you’re going, I’m going.

Myx: I’m still on Scraw’s back.

Tobe: I’m just constantly following Scraw because Myx is hanging from him.

Zilpip: “I’ve lived a very long time. I’ve never seen this before. He’s going to talk to a dragon!”

GM: You approach the dragon. The dragon is snapping around. Every now and again, you see it bellow lightning up into the sky, rather than down into the keep. It’s almost like it’s creating a scene at this point, demonstrating its power.

Mhurren: I shout, “Lennithon, stop your attacks!”

GM: Also, all of you understand Draconic. Doomsinger has no idea what’s going on. Zilpip also has no idea what’s going on. The dragon in the middle of a whirling fury turns and snaps its jaws at you.

Lennithon: “Arendelonthos!”

Myx: My inner monologue is, “Whoa, does the dragon know Mhurren?”

GM: It speaks in Draconic.

Lennithon: “What.. do you want?”

Mhurren: “We wish no trouble.”

Lennithon: “Trouble has come this day.”

Mhurren: “Maybe I should be asking you. What are you here for?”

Tobe: I’m just giving Mhurren an ‘Are you fucking serious?’ look right now.

Myx: Within my confusion of what’s happening just slides off Scraw “Eh?”

GM: You see the dragon blink and visibly twitches and shakes its head, and he looks at you and says..

Lennithon: “They…they have my progeny. I must do as they command.”

Mhurren: “Who makes these demands of you?”

Lennithon: “The ones that wear purple. These so-called dragon cultists. Worshippers of Tiamat and her filth. They have my progeny in a cave.”

GM: It clenches its eyes. And you can see it’s struggling against something. Knowing what you know about dragons, and knowing the power and size of this particular dragon, you know that something is not adding up here.

Tobe: I step closer to Mhurren and kind of interrupt, “With all due respect..” I’m talking in Draconic. “..they’re probably not going to do as they promised. They’re probably.. As soon as you’ve fulfilled your usefulness, they’re probably going to do whatever they’re planning on doing if you don’t do what they tell you to do.”

Lennithon: “I have no choice.”

GM: And you see now, the dragon’s claws are clenching into the wall as it’s visibly struggling with something.

Myx: I interrupt. “Can we do anything to help you?” In Draconic, of course.

Lennithon: “Save my progeny. Prevent them from destroying anymore.”

Myx: “Where is he?”

Lennithon: “In a cave to the south.”

Tobe: “The same cave that they’ve been taking their kidnapped villagers to.”

Lennithon: “I believe that is likely. They have a camp. They have {grunts} power over me. I am but a distraction.”

Tobe: “Distraction from what?”

Mhurren: “Lennithon.. We’ll help you. Will you call off this attack?”

GM: And he, at that point, you see him violently shaking and also claw away from the wall as he goes to swipe at you and then stops.

Lennithon: {furiously} “I have served my purpose! I have done enough!”

GM: And then he takes off, pushes back against the wall and flies off.

Myx: I fall on my butt again.

GM: As the dragon takes off, you hear a great murmuring of noise and shout from the tower of the keep.

Tobe: “Well, shit, they’ve probably.. it was a distraction.. As some other force tried to force their way in most likely. Fuss from the front, whilst they attack from the back.”

GM: Scraw looks up and says..

Scraw: “A worthy challenge!”

GM: And you see him looking up into the sky, just a forlorn look as the dragon flies away.

Scraw: “Well, I suppose we should do something about whatever that is.”

GM: Sadly kind of running towards the tower.

Tobe: I follow. In my eyes, there’s no point in staying here. There’s obviously some other problem elsewhere.

GM: Zilpip looks around and..

Zilpip: “You.. you go on ahead. I’ll take care of helping some people here. My medicine, mm!”

GM: And he starts administering to some guards on the ramparts.

Tobe: As I’m following behind Scraw, I stop by Myx and go to pull her up so that she’s standing again.

Myx: I’m a little weak in the legs but I’m standing.

GM: Doomsinger is watching the dragon and looking at Mhurren and looking at you guys and going..

Doomsinger: “I suppose that went well, then?”

Tobe: “You could say that.”

Myx: “Could have gone worse.”

Doomsinger: “Well, we’re not dead.”

Tobe: “That’s definitely a bonus, but that might still be in the cards. Let’s go.”

GM: He just looks around and he’s like..

Doomsinger: “Shame about those ones, though. Oh well.”

Tobe: It ain’t me, and it ain’t Mhurren, so I don’t care.

GM: Pretty much.

Doomsinger: “Oh, well I’m sure they did their best.”

Mhurren: Can I just head to the edge and just look over to the hordes? Can I tell if they’re backing off?

GM: They are not. They’re all just standing around and cheering as Lennithon flies away, they’re just like..

Invading army: “Yeah! Woohoo! Tiamat!”

GM: You look over and no one seems to be making any moves. They’re just watching the dragon, going..

Voices: “Woo, we’re gonna get you people! {evil laugh} Tiamat, we love her. She’s great. She makes the best coffee!” I make the best jokes, though.

Tobe: I’m going to head towards the tower. I kind of haven’t let go of Myx, I’m still holding her hand.

GM: Kind of just dragging her along, she’s stumbling going ‘There’s a.. Dragon. And he talked to it! Then he went away!’


Myx: Not far from what’s happening, so it’s fine.

Tobe: I’m just trying to reassure her, as I’m dragging her towards the other commotion. “Yep, you can talk to dragons. That’s totally possible. Daunting, but possible.”

GM: As you guys make your way back into the tower, you see the doctor staggering around.

Erbak: “{groans} What’s all this bloody noise? Where did all of you go? I think there’s something happening downstairs, we should go check it out. Did you lock the door?”

GM: He looks at Mhurren accusingly.

Mhurren: “Of course I did.”

Doctor: “Well, I.. I.. we should probably go see whatever’s happening down there.”

GM: You can see the guards are standing around the top of the stairs. Erbak and Scraw lead the way down. The guards form up and close up behind you to prevent any further breakthroughs. As you make your way down, you see that there are a group of kobolds and you see a strange figure disappear around the corner, exploring the tunnel that you are in. I would like everybody to go ahead and roll initiative.

Mhurren, top of initiative. You charge down into the stairs of the lower floors of the keep. The door that you locked previously is completely blown open. Previously this area was stores that you had piled up. A door. Everything’s just in fucking tatters, it’s been blown open and the door that was there is no longer. It’s just a big gaping hole in the wall leading to the tunnel that you fought the rats in.

Mhurren: “I definitely locked it.” Then I’m going to.. 20 feet. I’m going to try and throw a dart at this little bugger here.

GM: You throw a dart and it catches the kobold in the throat. It just {death noises}. It just falls to the floor choking and spewing blood until his body comes to rest. You guys hear in the distance down the tunnel the sound of some kind of noise that’s coming closer. There’s also a guard Edric who is with the Doomsinger. It is this kobold’s turn. He is.. He is very useful is Edric, but he is not going to take part in this fight.

Seeing you throw something at the kobold, this guy is going to move over her to some cover and take a shot at you with his slingshot. He pings you with the stone, and catches you in the eye and leaves a cut just below on your cheekbone. And then it is this guy’s turn. He sees what his friend does, tries to flank you guys from this direction. You guys are all in the stairwell so you don’t really see Erbak, Mhurren, and Scraw, so he’s going to try and shoot Erbak. You see a rock ping off the wall.

The Doomsinger is just nonchalantly shoot this guy who is still in his line of sight with a firebolt. After all of the energy he loosed at the dragon, he’s.. What seems like a rather small flame, but it does travel quickly enough that it catches the kobold that appears to be looking to dart away into cover and does some damage. He then is going to move out into the room because he doesn’t like the idea of being in this big clusterfuck in a stairwell where he can’t see shit. He’s going to get to about here where he’s surrounded by a lot bodies that will be better targets than he is.


Tobe: Wow. I’m not surprised, but wow.

GM: Again, hear footsteps down the tunnel. Tobe?

Tobe: I am going to move here, so I have a better view of everything else.

GM: You do not notice anything other than the kobolds in this room at this time.

Tobe: I’m going to use Eldritch Blast against this kobold.

GM: You try and summon an Eldritch Blast and the energy fires wide. Scraw is just like {groan} and he saw one of the kobolds run over that way, so he’s going to charge this direction. He turns to all of you and says..

Scraw: “There’s more around here!”

GM: And he charges forward and attacks the large drake looking creature directly in front of him, as it’s the biggest thing he can find and these kobolds are boring to fight. And he didn’t get to fight a dragon and he wants to fight a dragon. And this thing looks like a dragon, and he’s going to try and attack this thingy here. Scraw is going to use his glaive.

Mhurren: Kill everything.

GM: So you hear a {screech} as he slashes into this creature.

Scraw: “Ha ha!”

GM: Myx?

Myx: I am going to Eldritch Blast the… that one.

GM: You shoot an Eldritch Blast across the room. The kobold looks up, turns to the one side as it goes past. It looks back and goes, “Not today.”


GM: Erbak sees the creature that is wounded that you just tried to attack after the flame of Doomsinger’s firebolt hits it and he is going to use Toll the Dead. The kobold turns and goes, “Not tod-{screaming}”


Mhurren: That’s amazing.

GM: As it clutches its head, and screeches as blood begins to pour out of its ears. Mhurren?

Mhurren: There’s a guy behind us, right?

GM: Probably did see him rush up over that way, yeah.

Mhurren: I’m going to meet it and..

GM: Okay, yep, go ahead and roll a perception check for me before you continue. You see Edric rush down the stairs towards the door.

Tobe: Oh shit.

GM: Which is blown apart. And it’s still half-hanging there on its hinges,its in definite pieces. In his little gnomish form, he sits down,crosses his legs and starts focusing. He begins glowing with this slight energy and you see the bits of the door that are shattered around start glowing and slowly moving back towards the door. He looks up and says..

Edric: “Hold them off as long as you can. Keep me safe.”

Mhurren: “Alright.” I’m going to attack this fellow here.

GM: You just stand in place and you turn to see Edric sitting down, and going

Edric: “Protect me! Keep me safe, hold them off as long as you can.”

GM: And you turn and go ‘right-o’ and smash them with the mace. The kobold just drops to the ground.

Mhurren: I’ll just drop by Edric to meet anything that tries to come through. Can I shout, “There’s more coming through! Down here.”

GM: This kobold runs over and tries to stab you with its dagger and then guy next to him teams up and goes, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, get him!” You parry it away with your mace. Parry after parry, deflecting these blows.

Mhurren: I say, “Not today.”

GM: Acolyte, what can you do? You can cast spells. Yay, that’s great.

Tobe: Oh Fuck. No, it’s not.

GM: You begin to hear a chanting in Draconic coming from behind you guys in the direction Scraw ran in. This drake now attacks Scraw. The drake bites at him, and he goes..

Scraw: “Back, foul creature!”

GM: This kobold goes.. He figures the ambushed drake has got this covered and he is going to ping a rock at Tobe.

Tobe: Yay?

Mhurren: Evil

GM: Natural twenty.

Tobe: It’s not going to do huge damage? It’s like half my HP!

GM: It’s not huge damage, it’s just that Tobe’s puny. The rock collides with the side of your head and it smashes with one of your horn. It doesn’t smash it, but it like knocks your head to one side. And your head is just ringing as you are hit.

Tobe: Ouch. Another one like that and i’m going to be practically dead.

GM: The Doomsinger is going to saunter over here, I think.

Doomsinger: “What you got there, priest?”

Mhurren: “A lot more cultists.”

Doomsinger: “Ah, very well. Have you tried burning them?”

GM: Firebolts. The kobold that successfully stabbed you… well, actually neither of them successfully stabbed you, but they did try. The first one in front of you just incinerates. This cultist pushes past the comrade. It’s going to get into that space that’s just opened up. It’s going to stand over the incinerated ashes of the kobold..

Cultist: “For Tiamat, your blood will spill this night..” Except that’s a five.

GM: And brings its scimitar down at you unsuccessfully. This kobold uses all of it’s movement to get up to you, but cannot get past you. There’s an armored looking guard standing behind the kobolds and he tries to make it, but he’s like

Guard: “Get back, blasted fiends, I’m trying to get in here. You’re worthless. I am worth ten of you, move out of my way.”

GM: But they won’t. Beneath his mask, he scowls and brings out a spear instead and launches it into the room. His view of you, Mhurren, is obscured so he is instead going to throw his spear over your shoulder and try to hit the Doomsinger.

Mhurren: Oh.

GM: He catches a spear in the shoulder and cries out in pain, slamming against the wall behind him. He’s looking really rough right now.

Tobe: I am going to move over here a bit.

GM: You are now aware of the ambush drake that Scraw is fighting and the acolyte. And obviously now, he’s chanting as well. You turn and see another member of the dragon cult and he is glowing with a faint black aura and chanting in Draconic what appears to be a prayer to Tiamat.

Tobe: Well that’s obviously bad, so I’m going to attack the acolyte with Eldritch Blast.

GM: You whip out an Eldritch Blast, but his concentration does not seem to fade. He takes the hit. You notice that the kobold and the drake that are near him or with him are also glowing with a faint black aura.

Tobe: I shout out to Scraw to attack the acolyte, forget the green dragon thing and attack the acolyte.

GM: You see Scraw look over his shoulder and go “Whyyyyy?! What is wrong with you people?!”

Tobe: I just shout back, “He’s more dangerous, he’s more dangerous, kill him.”

Scraw: “You sure?”

Tobe: “I’m very sure.”

Scraw: “He doesn’t look dangerous.”

Tobe: “He’s really dangerous.” Just having this argument of trying to convince Scraw to attack the acolyte.

Scraw: “But he’s so puny.”

Tobe: “Trust me, he’s really dangerous, he’s going to make everything –”

GM: Go ahead and roll a persuasion check, because he is not persuaded. He’s just like, “No, I will continue to fight the drake.”

Tobe: I am dragging my hands down my face.

GM: You see Scraw bring his glaive down on the drake and you see it spark as it scrapes along the scales but does notactually appear to cause any damage. Myx?

Myx: I’ll take it that I witness Tobe telling Scraw to attack the acolyte. I move over here. Right next to Tobe, where it’s safe.

GM: As you try to rush over and find out where the acolyte is, the kobold lashes out with a dagger and cuts you in the knee. You can see a creepy black glowing acolyte. You can see a creepy black glowing kobold and a creepy black glowing dragon beast.

Myx: I know Tobe well enough to listen when Tobe is adamant about something, so I’m going to try and attack the acolyte, glowing, scary looking thing.

GM: As you round the corner, you see the figure glowing and chanting, there is a slightly built cultist wearing a dragon mask that you are already familiar with. You hit him with an Eldritch Blast. He is looking very rough on his feet. He is still standing, still maintaining concentration. This kobold manages to break past you, Mhurren. And is going to attack you from behind. Erbak is looking around, trying to assess the situation and he is going to attack the one that just broke through cause that seems like a good idea. He is going to chill touch the creature.

You guys see him summon a skeletal hand as he turns and grasps. And the kobold that tried to stab Mhurren drops to the floor. Mhurren, as you stand there fending off the acolytes and the kobolds that are trying to push past you, you turn and see Edric focusing. And the door is becoming more and more substantial, but it still.. It appears to be a long way off before it would be anything like a permanent barrier.

Mhurren: I’m going to attack this cultist here with a mace.

GM: So you bring up your mace and you smash him in the knee, and he buckles, but he’s still standing. You hear him cry out..

Cultist: “Gah! Slime! Half-breed filth.”

Mhurren: And I’m going to follow that up with an unarmed strike. That’s a natural twenty.

GM: You overhear the slur that he throws your way and clench your fist a little bit tighter as you muster all your rage and slam your fist into the side of his skull and he slams into the wall and his body collapses to the ground. This kobold charges into the room past you, tries to stab you from behind again. “Tiamat, we’ll have you!” And this acolyte. Myx, you see that acolyte open its eyes suddenly after receiving the blast from your spell and it glows with a deep, dark, radiant black light that flows over its entire body. You see him looking like he feels rejuvenated.

The drake now engaged with Scraw is going to snap at him again. Scraw slams the glaive into the creature’s mouth and prevents it from clamping down. The kobold, seeing you ganging up on the acolyte, is going to rush over and stab you. Doomsinger just holding his shoulder.

Doomsinger: “You little bastards!”

Mhurren: Doomsinger is going to cast firebolt on this kobold right in front of him.

GM: He tries, but the close proximity of the kobold throws him off, he’s taken so much damage, he’s afraid of getting hurt more and he is not able to focus on the creature in front of him. This kobold is going to try and break into the room. He’s going to move over here and try again to attack you. Their main goal here is to get into the room and now this guard is going to come towards you and he’s quite large and study-looking. I’d say he’s at least six and a half, seven foot tall, covered in sharp-looking armor.

Guard: “Now you face me, not this filth.”

GM: And he is going to attack you at close range with his spear, which he pulls from behind him. He tries to jab at you with a spear, but you actually stumbling back from the damage by the kobold and it swishes by you.

Guard: “Hold still, worm.”

GM: This cultist is going to rush forwards and they’re just going to keep slamming at you, dude.

GM: Tobe! The room is starting to fill with kobold from the other side of the room. You hear Mhurren and Doomsinger shouting out in pain as they take various attacks.

Tobe: I still think the acolyte in front of me is the bigger problem. So I’m going to attack him again. Eldritch blast.

GM: You see this little kobold trying to stab Myx, glowing with a black aura. You see this creature snapping its jaws at Scraw, and you see this scrawny but focused looking cultist that has been healing itself and glowing with a deep, dark aura. And you blast him with an eldritch blast and it takes him off his feet. He crumples to the ground. The black aura fades from the two other creatures.

Tobe:Fuck yeah! Tobe would whoop, if he was the kind of person that would whoop, but he is not.

Myx: I will whoop for Tobe.

GM: Tobe smiles with a half-smile. Smirks a little to himself.

Tobe: Yep.

GM: A little self-satisfied grin.

Tobe: Besting another spellcaster is the best.

GM: That cultist is going to get into the fray, ready to attack if he gets the opportunity. Scraw sees the acolyte crumple and goes, ‘Ha! Knew it.’ Attacks the drake in front of him. He brings his glaive down and slams it into the side of the creature. It roars in pain and bites down on his glaive as it is still standing. Myx.

Myx: Yeah?

GM: It is like “Ha, worthy foe!” So it tries to stab you and it just {kobold noises} and you just grab your hands together and shove it into his face as you let loose an eldritch blast. {sound effect} Kobold is blasted back into the wall. Its body crumples.

Myx: I will move closer to where the Doomsinger and co. is.

GM: Erbak..

Erbak: “Mhurren, you’re not doing very good holding that door. Here, let me help you.”

GM: And he’s actually going to try and reach past Mhurren and go for the cultist in the wall there with chill touch.

Myx: Ice ice baby.

GM: The cultist shivers violently and looks pained but doesn’t react verbally. Mhurren, you look at Edric and the door is now almost completely formed, although it is not closed. It is looking like a solid structure at least.

Mhurren: I’m going to go for this guy.

GM: As you see the skeletal hand manifest itself and sort of pass through this guy, you see his skin turn ashen as he loses a lot of the blood from the surface of his skin and you bring up your mace. As you swing it down on his head, you see him slowly look up to react to it, but he doesn’t have time to even try and defend himself as you bring the mace square into his face. He crumples to the ground. He is dead. You bring up your fist and it collides with the steel plate that he is wearing and it kind of hurts. You wince slightly at the impact and he goes..

Guard: “Ha!”

GM: The kobold behind you is actually now seeing the members of his party dropping. He’s actually going to try and dash over here. And yes, he will take the attack of opportunity from you to try and attack Erbak because he believes Erbak to be a threat. As he charges across the room in an attempt to stop Erbak, you whip around with your mace and catch him in the back of the skull and his body just goes limp and falls to the ground. So he does not successfully attack Erbak, because he his successfully dead. The drake attacks Scraw once more. This is the most dangerous thing in this entire room and it hasn’t done a single fucking thing.

Doomsinger is going to try and hit this kobold. Kobold toast!

Mhurren: Tastes like marmite.

GM: It is the guard’s go, and he’s going to attack you, Mhurren.

Mhurren: Ahhh, I’m down.

GM: You guys watch as this guard slams a spear through Mhurren’s shoulder and he cries out, collapses from the pain. Tobe?

Tobe: I’m assuming I can’t actually see the guard from where I am and just saw this spear..

GM: No, you can’t, not at the moment.

Tobe: I am going to chill touch that motherfucker.

GM: Does not hit. You try and manifest the skeletal hand and you do so, but it passes through the steel. And you see him shiver slightly for a moment and he turns and looks and goes..

Guard: “Ha! A mage. Pathetic.”

Tobe: What the fuck’s that supposed to mean?

GM: He clarified afterwards. He thinks you’re pathetic.

Tobe: Because I’m a mage?

GM: Yes, because you’re a mage and you don’t fight with physical aptitude.

Tobe: I don’t fight with magical aptitude either.

GM: This guard is going to rush forward and he’s going to stab Mhurren on the ground. Two failed..

Mhurren: Would it make any difference if I pointed out my Relentless Endurance?

GM: So you drop to the ground, and you’re still prone but you fight through the pain and bellow out with orcish fury as that part of you comes to the forefront and saves your life. The cultist tries to attack you on the ground, but you manage to roll side to side dodging blows. Scraw’s gonna fucking hit this fucking lizard.


GM: {Deadpan}No, he’s not. Myx, whatcha doing?

Myx: I’m gonna hit the thing that’s right in front of Mhurren.

GM: That is a cultist.

Myx: Yes. They’re going down. Eldritch Blast. Ooh. Heehehe. Hahaha.

GM: They’re going to collapse to the ground. And watching the cultist try to stab the shit out of him on the ground, she rushes over and eldritch blast’s into the tunnel. His body goes flying out into the darkness. Mhurren, you can no longer see where he is, but you don’t believe him to be a threat any longer. Erbak wanders over here and he looks down at you, Mhurren.

Erbak: “Need a hand?”

GM: And he is going to use the remainder of his movement to help you get to your feet and then he turns to the guard and says..

Erbak: “Think you better be off. Don’t think you’ve got much of a chance here.”

GM: He’s just going to.. He is just gonna chill touch.

Erbak: “I think you should leave.”

Guard: “Gah! You are nothing to me! You and your filth magic!”

GM: Mhurren?

Mhurren: I’m on my feet, yes?

GM: You are on your feet.

Mhurren: I’m gonna size up this guy. Try to take him out. And I say, “Edric! Hurry!”

GM: He looks up and he says..

Edric: {stammering}“The spell is complete! The.. the door. It’s fixed.”

GM: And you notice that he has stopped glowing and there are no more pieces of door. You also notice however, there are no more coming down this tunnel as far as you can tell. You listen carefully as this guy’s like ‘Ah, you’re filth, your magic means nothing’. Doesn’t look like he’s got any reinforcements coming. Things are pretty quiet. You do see in the distance at the other end of the tunnel, a glimmer of light that is a bit larger than you would expect for the barred door that you know that you locked previously.

Mhurren: I’m going to try and attack this guy.

GM: That takes him out. So you smash him with the mace and he drops.. With more slurs caught in his mouth as he drops to the ground. From your current vantage point.. Ultimately what you can see is that the gate at the end of the tunnel appears to be open at the other end, but it also does seem like the tunnel itself is empty.

Mhurren: I shout back, “I think we’re all clear over here.” Would I be able to drag the dude I just dropped like.. Inside?

GM: The drake is going to go ahead and attack Scraw. {screams} As the drake’s jaw clamp down on his leg. The Doomsinger looks around and goes…

Doomsinger: “I don’t know about you, but I’m done here.”

GM: Tobe?

Tobe: Yeah, I’m gonna go check on Scraw.

GM: You rush over as Scraw’s shouting out. And you see that the ambush drake has his leg in a vice like grip between its jaws.

Tobe: Yeah, I’m going to chill touch that motherfucker.

GM: You watch as a skeletal hand passes through the drake and it seems completely unphased. Scraw..

Tobe: I am starting to wonder if I should have taken a different discipline.

GM: Scraw gets both hands, clasps them together, and slams them down on the creature over and over again trying to get it to break its grip. That’s one dead fucking drake as he pounds his glaive into the top of the drake’s skull. It splits and lets go of his leg. He kicks it away and turns to you..

Scraw: “A dragon would have been better.”

Tobe: I’m just.. I don’t think I have the energy to explain to Scraw that the other guy was clearly casting a spell or ritual of some kind and thus was more dangerous. I just don’t think he’d get it.

Scraw: “Well, looks like I missed a lot of fun over here.”

GM: He’s just looking around at all the bodies.

Scraw: “You did well. I say we go down the tunnel and find some more.”

Tobe: I’m like, “No, I suggest we close that door and barricade it.”

Scraw: {dubiously} “There’s another door at the end. I just think if the other door… we should close both doors. More chance of not having to fight again.”

Tobe: I look at Scraw and I look at the rest of the party, some of whom are not in a great condition, I’m not in a great condition. And I just look back at Scraw like, “I’m not sure we could handle another one of those.”

Scraw: “I’m just thinking about the people.”

Tobe: “You’re thinking about the people or are you thinking about more fighting?”

Scraw: “I do not want anymore fighting. Look at our friends. They’re not doing well. But think! If there were two doors preventing entry, that would be much better.”

Tobe: I feel like this is pointless, but insight check.

GM: Yeah, he’s being honest in his own way. He’s not lying. He’s hoping that maybe there might be more fights at the end of the tunnel, but he’s also thinking that if they managed to get through to this door, then maybe the other door is also broken which would make the keep more vulnerable and he’s sort of concerned that is should be checked, just in case. But he does also secretly hope that maybe there’s a fight at the end of the tunnel.

Tobe: I can tell that Scraw is being honest in his own way and his heart’s in the right place, but I’m not sure the rest of them could survive another fight if there is one at the end of the tunnel. Especially if it’s more than what they just took care of.

Mhurren: Looking down the tunnel, there doesn’t seem to be any…?

GM: Yeah, you do not hear or see any other signs of intrusion at this point, but you do see that the door at the other end of the tunnel does appear to at least be partially damaged and wide open.

Tobe: “What is your opinion?”

Mhurren: I’ll try to dash through the tunnel and lock the gate.

GM: You start heading down the tunnel and Scraw decides he’s going to go with you because he really, really, really wants to go just in case.

Mhurren: I mean I feel better with him.

GM: Edric actually goes with you because if there is any damage, he knows the cantrip Mending, so he goes down with you. You get there and the door is definitely in a state where it looks like it’s damaged beyond repair under normal circumstances. However, the door you just watched a man glow together was in shrapnel, so. You guys keep an eye out, Edric does his mending thing. He just keeps casting it. It takes a couple minutes. He manages to restore the iron grated gate. At which point, you fasten it shut, lock it up. You guys head down that tunnel and Edric says

Edric: {stammering} “I am… I think we should get the captain to get some of the smiths to reinforce, to build everything.. I’m not sure how well my mending has held but.. I’m sure it’s fine.

GM: The Doomsinger looks around you all and says…

Doomsinger: “Well, this is all well and good. Quite frankly, I need a doctor.”

GM: Erbak looks up hopefully and the Doomsinger looks at him and says;

Doomsinger: “Not you.”


GM: Beaten and bloody, the party has survived one more encounter on this grueling night. But how much more can they handle? Find out next time in episode seven, “The Champion’s Roar.” If you’d like a shoutout next episode, be sure to share our post on twitter @DarkDragonsInn or better yet, leave us a review on iTunes and let us know. We can’t wait to hear from you. The track at the beginning of this episode was “Extravaganza” by TRG Banks. And the track you’re listening to now is “While You Are Here” by Ending Satellites. Until next time, travel safe and remember, the Scales of Justice are here for you. Always.

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