Season 1 Recap

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Tobe as played by Liz

Myx as played by Nina

Mhurren as played by Vinny

Erbak as played by Tom

Doomsinger as played by Thomas (guest)

Doomsinger/Narrator/Scraw/GM/Everything else as played by Ray

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———— : A swell in background music indicating a change in scene

GM: it’s not too uncommon for a large travelling caravan to do things like, hire people to work for them, to help protect the caravans, to take passengers on to bigger cities. People pay for space on the caravan, so they can travel with ease and not have to travel the roads on their own and by foot.


GM: and Sundown is approaching when your wagon train tops a rise and you see the town of Greenest just a few short miles away.


Instead of the pleasant welcoming town you expected, you see large plumes of black smoke rising from burning buildings. Running figures that are little more than dots at this distance and various small shapes whirling their way through the skies, low over the keep that rises above the centre of the town.

Greenest is under attack.

Doomsinger: {Dryly}“Well, this looks promising”


GM: So you just rush off the caravan and start charging towards the town?

Myx: Yeah!


Tobe: “Well, we’ve got this unconscious cultist. We should probably figure out what to do with him and what his group wants with your town.”


Tarbaw: {sighs} “Hello, I am Tarbaw Nighthill and I am.. Let’s just say I lead the town from here. I am led to believe you have a uh…a guest for us.”


Tarbaw:This will hopefully shed some light on what’s happening here. I truly thought… I’m very perplexed. From the reports that we had had, I was under the impression that this was an Elven raid, but cultists? What makes you say they’re cultists?”

Tobe: “Well, they’re running around with dragon masks on shouting ‘Hail Tiamat.’”


Cultist: “What do you wish to know?”

Tobe: “What are you and your people doing here for a start.”

Cultist: {grimaces}“We are amassing a great hoard. Treasure beyond measure to usher the great queen into the world. We will begin the reign of the queen of dragons. The reign of the queen of dragons has been foretold. The time is now and we shall be the ones to usher her through the gates.”


Cultist: “We have a camp. The people that are taken are working for the glory of Tiamat.”


Guard: {breathing heavily} “What can I do for you? Is it urgent?”

Mhurren: “Please, sir. What’s all the- What’s all the fuss?”

Guard: “The attack appears to be escalating. {stammering} I’m not sure. I’ve been in here all evening, but–”


GM:As you begin to feel the building yourselves begin to tremble and all at once the silence is broken. [dragon roar]


GM: You guys rush out of the building, you’re seeing your friends part. You see Mhurren grab at his head, scream out in pain.

Mhurren: {pained grunts and scream}

GM: Mhurren falls to his knees


Myx: {skeptical} “Mhurren? What’s going on? Are you okay?”

Mhurren: “I’m fine. I think.. This dragon can be reasoned with.”

Myx: {baffled}“What?”

Mhurren: “Just.. trust me.”

Myx: “What should we do? {stammering} How do we reason with a gigantic lightning dragon?”

Mhurren: “I haven’t the faintest idea.”


Lennithon: “What.. do you want?”

Mhurren: “We wish no trouble.”

Lennithon: “Trouble has come this day.”

Mhurren: “Maybe I should be asking you. What are you here for?”

Lennithon: “They have my progeny. I must do as they command.”

Mhurren: “Who makes these demands of you?”

Lennithon: “The ones that wear purple. These so-called dragon cultists.


Doomsinger: The voice of Doomsinger cuts clearly through the air “Who are these mighty heroes that have saved your simple town, fought back the darkness this night past and cherish the very lives you hold dear?” He’s standing on a table and he’s surrounded by a horde of people, “I speak of no less. Your saviours! I present to you; {Emphatically} The Scales of Justice!”


Tarbaw: “As you may have heard, the invaders have left town and that’s good but i’m troubled that this attack ever happened in the first place. When you arrived with your captive and you said there was a cultist; that shed some light on the situation but I feel we must know more about this army in case there is another attack whether that be on our own city or any nearby towns. The more information we have about them, the better.”

Tarbaw: “I hesitate to ask after all you have done for the city but you are truly in the best possible position to investigate.

I believe that anybody who has been taken is likely to have been taken to the camp that the cultist spoke of, unfortunately due to the potential for another attack, we need to keep as much of the town’s guard in the town as possible. I hesitate to push you into action but the sooner you are willing to leave, the better. I believe it should be quite easy to track their whereabouts at this point, despite the fact that several hours have passed since the majority left, I imagine such numbers would not be hard to follow.”


Mhurren: “Tarbaw, small query. Does the name Leosin Erlanthar (mean anything)?”


Nasim: “My name is Nasim, I hear you are looking for my master Leosin Erlanthar”

Mhurren: “Leosin is your master?”

Nasim: “Yes. He disappeared last night after we fought a particularly savage battle.”


GM: So you lead the party through the camp

Tobe: Looking for where the largest concentration of the troops is, he assumes its such a large encampment, they probably have their own area where their orders come and go.

GM: You do find a large tent. The tent that you come across has one of the regalia flags above it, it’s one of these slim triangle flags (a Pennant) and it is jet blag with an eagle’s claw emblazoned in the centre


Mhurren: “Well we had to get the prisoners out and um…so…”

Tahina: “The camp was in an uproar at this point. Something about a fight in a mess hall? I’m not really sure about the details…”

Mhurren: “I did seem to hear of some commotion from over that way but I was too far away to notice too much.”

Tahina: “You were trying to escape with the prisoners? Did anybody try and stop you?”

Mhurren: “Well, yes. But uh… we did uh…create a few fires. Thanks to the Doomsinger of course. In fact, he actually stayed behind… so we could get free and leave the camp…”


Erbak: I’m taking Leosin to the uh, medical bay

Mhurren: I’m just making sure the prisoners get to the keep

Tobe: Trying to find someone who can see too the rescuees that we have.


Erbak: “My name is Doctor Erbak Voss and these are my colleagues of The Scales of Justice”

Leosin: “Ah yes, I have heard the name. The uh…Doctors, they mentioned you all brought me. I suppose I have a debt of thanks I owe you all.”


Leosin: “Now, despite all my attempts, I did not get all the information I was looking for while I was there. After all you’ve done for me already personally and the people of greenest, I hate to ask for anything more from you but {Sighs} the need is great and I dare to hope that you can aid me one more time.”

Tobe: “What is it you seek?”

Leosin: “I need you to return to the cultist camp. You know your way around it now! If the cultists are preparing to conduct another raid or a large body of them marches away or if anything substantial is carried into or out of that cave, we need to know!

If you have a chance to get in that camp and look around again, that’d be the ideal way to spot anything that’s changed. I don’t recommend letting yourself get captured though.”


GM: You guys start making your way into the camp and you start heading towards the tents.

Myx: Myx just starts walking towards the cave.

Erbak: Yeah, Erbak’s just slinking off that way


GM: You guys all sneak up to the edges of the cave entrance.


GM: You notice some very distinctive shapes. You see, a lot of rocks and stones down here, however, you also notice two very large, roughly three, three and a half foot tall, somewhat egg shaped objects.

This is very obviously an egg, it is a radiant crystalline blue and it has what appears to be almost rock like formations growing out of its base it is three and a half foot tall, it’s at least two foot in diameter, and it looks like it weighs a tonne. The other shape you saw was against another pillar on the other side of the room,


GM: You find yourself on the platform, leading to the exit of the cave.

Myx: {Surprised} No…

Tobe: Leaving was a lot quicker than entering.


Tobe: The whole, “It’s quiet” thing {laughing} has me worried that there might be an ambush outside.


GM: All around you…Torches light.

Tobe: {resigned} Wellllll shit.

GM: And begin to close in

Erbak: I’m gonna carefully back into the cave

GM: As you start backing into the cave, you hear [Loud crashing] as Lennithon lands heavily on the ground above it, slamming his claws into the ground and the cave behind you begins to collapse.

Myx: {Resigned} Well, there goes that.


Mhurren: I look up, I just put my hand up “Lennithon! Stop! We have your progeny!”

GM: He bellows a roar in return {Long drawn out Dragon roar], There’s no language coming from him at the moment. It seems to all just be feral.


[Loud thunder crack followed by rainfall]

GM: You are all blinded by a flash of blue lightning. You’ve seen this attack before when you were at the keep you watched as Lennithon obliterated guardsmen who were on the walls. Comparitively, that was at a distance. Up close, you’ve never seen anything like this. The volume of lightning that is belched forth from this creature is astonishing. The beam…it’s more like a storm [Thunder cracks and rolls] crashes forwards and rips through the group of strangers in front of you. You watch as they are utterly vaporised. For a moment, you feel relief until…the lightning continues and one by one, you fall to the ground.

Myx: {Concerned} Are we unconscious?


GM: You all come to, surrounded by somewhat familiar surroundings?


GM: So Mhurren, you have a note from Leosin.

Mhurren: “The letter reads, ‘Frume, Elturel, Resnday Seventh. I can not wait long. Hurry.’ That’s all it says.”


Mhurren: “We are looking for a place called Elturel. Have you heard of it?”

Waiter: “Ummm, yes but th, th, that’s not in Greenest. That’s another city.”

Myx: “Oh, that’s fine. Do you know our best route to getting there?”

Waiter: “Well, it depends how you’re travelling really. The trade routes quite safe if you’re along the wagons. That’ll say you uh, oooh, week an’ half? Two weeks?”

Myx: “Is there a shorter, not safe route?”

Waiter: “Umm, I mean, if you were to travel across the plains or you know, through the forests?”


Tobe: “We have…Ten days to get there but going by the road–and it looks like we’re not going to have any luck catching any passing wagons, considering the current circumstances–We need to find a way to get there in time if we want to meet up with Leosin.”


Ness: “Well, this has been real fun but, why don’t you all just come on back into my office? If you are who I think you are…I think you’ve been probably going about this all wrong.”


Ness: “Leosin is a good friend of mine. He has paid for six horses up front–”

Ixal: {Indignant}“Six horses?! You’re not going to give these fools six horses?”


Ixal: “Ness, give the horses to me. These fools will simply leave them for dead in a ditch.”

Erbak: “We’re wondering if you knew a maybe riskier but faster route to take a cart?”

Ixal: “No. There is no other route. But our cart does not need roads. Ness. Give me the horses. I will keep them and they will get where they’re going.”

Tobe: “I think, we’re probably not going to get a better offer. {Pointedly} Because we don’t know how to ride and will probably get lost and be unsuccessful”

Erbak: {Dryly} “Ever the optimist”

Tobe: {Indignant} “Well, I just think that letting someone who knows what they’re doing take us where we want to go is better than us not knowing what we’re doing and not getting where we need to go.”


Ixal: “Have the horses ready. I will bring the cart. Thirty minutes. Outside.” And she just leaves…

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